C & G German Import Rottweilers


Providing high quality pets for families and children.


C and G German Import Rottweilers is a private breeding kennel located in Snohomish, Washington. We specialize in German and Serbian import Rottweilers and believe that health, temperament and quality are of utmost importance.


The Rottweiler Breed

Rottweilers are a fiercely loyal, loving and affectionate breed. They are mindfully protective of their owners and prefer to stay close to their handlers. With ability to be trained easily from a young age your Rottweiler will excel when they are given a task. They have hearts that are as big as their bodies, so when they are not working or playing they will look to you for loving hugs and snuggles.


Meet the C & G Family


The C & G Standard

All C & G dogs are tested to ensure that each puppy is of the highest quality. We complete this testing to make sure that our healthy, high quality dogs go to great homes. Learn more about the certifications all of our C & G Rotts hold.