DNA testing and what it means in your choice of breeder.

All of C and G Rottweilers come from championship bloodlines or have current championship standings and are DNA tested through OFA to ensure the quality and bloodlines of our dogs. DNA profiles for dogs, similar to humans, serve several purposes including confirmed identification, accurate pedigree tracking and confirmation of parental lineage. Additionally genetic testing plays a huge role in successful breeding. Quality breeders like C & G have a responsibility to choose to breed only the dogs that have the best chance of producing healthy, sound puppies. Genetic testing is one of the ways that an informed breeder can ensure that they are not breeding dogs with known genetic disorders. All C and G Rottweilers also come with their tails properly docked (no “weiner tails”), and dew claws removed for safety concerns, however if a client holds preference otherwise, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your requests. For more information on DNA Testing please visit the OFA website by clicking on the button below.