JLPP testing and what it means for your C & G puppy’s health.

Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy, or JLPP, is a disease that affects the nervous system. The longest nerve in the body, which controls the larynx (voice box), is affected first. This leads to muscle weakness and breathing issues after exercise or when the dog gets excessively hot. Signs include noisy breathing, choking, regurgitation of food and water, and include a wobbly gait due to nerves that control leg muscles. Symptoms can appear at just a few weeks of age in puppies, and dogs with JLPP typically do not live more than one year.  JLPP is a recessively inherited genetic condition, that surfaces when two JLPP carriers are bred together. C and G German Import Rottweilers tests all it’s dogs to avoid any JLPP problems.  For more information on JLPP Testing, visit the OFA website by clicking the button below.