What the AKC registration means for pedigrees and the quality of your C & G Puppy

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has built the world’s largest record of canine profiles for the purpose of bloodline verification. This certification ensures reliable registration records to promote the preservation and advancement of purebred dogs nationwide. AKC is a leading and trusted expert in breeding, health and training information for dogs. Registering with the AKC means that C and G puppies are able to receive full pedigree certification. Registration helps ensure bloodlines and proper breeding practices. This certification indicates that the breeder has taken steps to assure that bred puppies meet the breed standard.

Pedigree Certified - All of our dogs at C and G Import Rottweilers are pedigree certified. Because a dog’s pedigree is essentially its family tree, certification ensures that your dog’s lineage is purebred. Since C and G Import Rottweilers are pedigree certified with the AKC, owners can obtain complete information about multiple generations in the pedigree including dog’s name, kennel name, registration number, colors and markings, competition titles, and any related health information, including AKC DNA registration information. For more information about the AKC and Pedigree Certification visit the AKC website by clicking the button below.