The C & G Rottweiler Family

From temperament to bloodlines, get to know the Rottweilers of the C & G German Import Rottweilers family.

Torque of C & G German Rottweilers has temperament of a sweet easy going teddy bear.


Torque is a Von Sarco Rottweiler. His parents were Kuerot and Nevada which are direct German imports with premier German bloodlines and pedigrees. Torque is our primary stud. He is 5 years old and boasts a solid 120 pounds. He has a square, blocky head, and a happy face. His smile and calm temperament are reminiscent of a sweet teddy bear. Torque is a social dog and enjoys going everywhere with his handlers. He is easy going and a wonderful companion.


Titan is our up-and-coming stud from the American Kennel Club’s Von Sarcos Kennel and is the son of Ork Von Hause Milsped who is a current multinational champion in both Germany and Serbia. Titan boasts Serbian/ German bloodlines and is a robust 50 pounds at 6 months of age. He is an energetic puppy with a confident independence and happy personality. He loves interacting with people and is sure to impress.

Titan of C & G German Rottweilers is an up and coming stud is happy, confident and loves to impress.

Dakota of C & G German Rottweilers is sweet, loving and calm. She is also one of C&G’s most intelligent dogs.


Dakota is our most intelligent female and is 4 years old and 93 pounds. She was sired by Torque and Layla and has German bloodlines. Dakota is the smartest rottweiler C and G  has ever seen. She’s a thinker, and she has even learned to open doors. She is sweet and calm and enjoys sitting back and watching as her pack romp and play.


Xena is a Von Sarco 2.5-year-old Rottweiler who is 111 pounds and has strong German bloodlines. Daughter of Toryn and Pan which are both German imports. Xena is curious and investigative in nature and will often explore the property without other dogs. She can run the show but does not prefer to dominate and can best be described as having a middle-of-the-road personality. Confident Xena enjoys strutting her stuff and can demonstrate control when she needs to but you’ll mostly find her sitting back and watching.

Xena of C & G German Rottweilers has a middle of the road personality. Although confident in demonstrating dominance, she mostly prefers to sit back and watch.

Ferrari of C & G German Rottweilers aims to please. She is incredibly smart, energetic and loving which makes her a true superstar.


Ferrari is a 1-year-old 94-pound Rottweiler who is projected to weigh near the 110-pound range. She was sired by Torque and born to Xena. Ferrari possesses German bloodlines and has a strong pedigree; all the other related dogs in her bloodline are accomplished show dogs. Her personality is indescribably loving, because she wants to please and is thrilled to be near her handlers all day long. She is also incredibly smart and energetic, a true superstar. The ADRK, or German equivalent of the American Kennel Club for Rottweilers, notes that her bloodline has been shown in competitions.


Layla, is the matriarch in the C and G family, often referred to as “Grandma” our retired female mothered Dakota from her first litter. She is approximately 105 pounds and 7 years old and boasts strong German bloodlines. She has the best temperament in the world and is enjoying her retirement.

Layla of C & G German Rottweilers is the matriarch of the family. Now retired she is referred to as “Grandma” of the pack.